Hello! This is a message for anybody who is looking for my signature donut or elephant wedding cake toppers (or any piece of custom sculpture, really!)
If you are looking to order handmade, custom sculpture work, and are comfortable with a fine art price range, feel free to send me a message to discuss it. My custom donut toppers start at $450/set and the elephants start at $1000.   
 If those price estimates are making you hyperventilate (or curse me out), rest assured, I totally get it. But seriously, don't hate on me, or any other artist who doesn't work for free. The reality is, high quality, custom, handmade artwork is an exceedingly time-consuming, labor intensive process, and there is absolutely no way to get around that.
Thank you for recognizing that handmade, custom artwork is a unique kind of purchase, and it's definitely not for everyone, or every budget. Either way, I appreciate your interest. Thanks again for understanding and THANK YOU for enjoying my work!  Best wishes to you!! 
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