This is my current "Scholarly Banana" character. Right now, everything is illustrative, but I may do sculptural versions of my characters and stories at a later point.
I'm kind of a big nerd, if you haven't already guessed that. I love to read, and I'm fascinated with myths, fairy tales and folklore in particular.
  So the mission of The Scholarly Banana is to communicate WHY I love what I love! I totally get that most people are NOT INTERESTED, because if sounds like school work. But you know what? That motivates me even more to make something legitimately funny and entertaining, and still nerd-out on people with the topics that I love. Plus, I know I'm not the only one who LOVES it, either, even though it feels that way sometimes!
I started this project by blogging about an old, Medieval French version of "Little Red Riding Hood" (called "The Story of Grandmother"). I chose this story because it's absolutely NUTS and almost nobody has ever heard of it, even though it morphed to one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. (if you check it out, you'll see why......cannabalism and strip teases aren't usually part of our children's lit nowadays). Then I created artwork and an animated video to go along with it, because that's fun.
My original plan was to narrate this video with my blog script (I think viewers would benefit from that), but I got caught up in the music track, and timing the actions to it. So now, to get narration on this thing, I'd need the "Micro Machine" man to do it! So, rookie mistake. This was my first  animation/motion design project (and my first time using After Effects and Premiere Pro), and so it was a learning experience. 
Currently, I'm working on the next story, called "The Juniper Tree." It's also a relatively obscure fairy tale, and it's awesome. I already have the script completed, and am about halfway through designing an illustrated book for it. We'll see what happens! 
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