This is the Scholarly Banana! He'll tell you stories of lesser-known fairy tales, mythologies and classic literature, while feeding you delicious, scholarly fact-treats along the way. Think of this as a cartoon meets "Cliffs Notes" meets "Pop Up Video".......meets a banana?

I began this project with a blog post about a medieval French version of "Little Red Riding Hood", called "The Story of Grandmother." I chose this story because it's one of the craziest things I've ever read, and no one I know had ever heard of it. It's interesting to think that THIS morphed and changed into one of the most popular fairy tales of all time! I personally think this version is hilarious by our modern standards, so I wanted to share it with as many people as possible! I'm pretty sure there's enough insanity going on here to keep even non-folklore-geeks entertained. 
My original plan was to narrate this video with my blog script (yep, I do think viewers would benefit from that), but I got caught up in timing the actions to the musical beat. As a result, things move FAST here, I know. But hey, that was a rookie mistake. Just watch it multiple times to absorb all the folklore-goodness and make sure you stick around to see the next one I make.

In-progress layout designs for "The Juniper Tree." The final imagery will be photographic and sculptural (so it will have the feel of a classic stop-motion film, but in still images) with lots of illustrated details and hand lettering. No wonder I've been working on this for so long!

UPDATE (DECEMBER 2017): For the past several months, I've been working on adapting another fairy tale, called "The Juniper Tree." It was published by the Grimm Brothers, but unlike Snow White and Cinderella, this little gem has lived under our cultural radar, so not many people have heard of it (again, probably because it's insane by our modern standards). 
I'm creating an illustrated (and annotated, yay!!) BOOK to tell this story, which is more in line with my original vision for the series. It will be available as an ebook when I'm finished......which (hopefully) will be in early spring, 2018.
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