Marketing Graphics

I love creating thoughtful visual imagery that encourages people to connect with the brand. I designed these promotional graphics using digital photography and Photoshop CC.

I consistently used bright colors, bold text, and humor in my ROC product advertisements. 
I only offered 4 wedding cake topper designs in my shop, yet half of my website traffic and most of my income was wedding-related (wedding blog features, trending on Pinterest wedding pages and redirected Etsy traffic helped with this).  For this wedding advertisement, I used a bold, bright pink font to relate this elegant wedding cake topper set to the bright and playful spirit that characterizes the ROC brand. 
I loved to include hands in my product photos! I think that showing something "in hand" is a great way for customers to envision their relative size (versus just telling them that something is "3 inches" tall), and to connect the brand with an actual person. In fact, ALL of my product photos included a "hand shot."
This advertisement is another example of my deep appreciation for happy colors, humor...and a hand!
I created this shop banner as an homage/parody of the CK1 ads that were popular in the 1990's. The goal was to show the many sides of Pink Pet, and inject a touch of humor into what would have been a serious advertisement.
"Chuck" is a cute character figurine by himself, but he comes with a crazy backstory that might be even cuter (Chuck insists that he is a kitten, but he is really a Chupacabra). I took every opportunity to reference his cat/chupacabra identity crisis, since I believed it accounted for at least half of his audience appeal! This website banner showcased both his physical cuteness as well as his personality and linked to his comic series and sculptures for purchase.
I often photographed new products to prominently feature on my website homepage. I did this to keep the ROC website looking fresh and up-to-date, and to make sure that all visitors were aware of certain pieces.
I did not post advertising-style graphics frequently on Instagram, but when I did, I made sure they were bold, simple, interesting, and in a square format if possible.
Since "The Golden Buck" was not an entirely new character for me (it was a new color, but an older sculpture), I created this graphic as a way to show that this not-so-new piece was more special somehow. I photographed it outside for a change (I usually take my promo photos in a studio), and I challenged my audience to an Indiana-Jones inspired "Quest" to seek this hidden "treasure" in my shop. When I posted this on Instagram, "The Golden Buck "sold in record time.
The wedding industry is full of trends and identical looking products. To stand out in a sea of sameness, I used intentionally outrageous characters and offbeat images to steal attention. Regardless of what they were actually looking to purchase, the oddness of this topper inspired people to stop and check out my website (perhaps to answer the question "What the heck IS this??"). Once I had won their "click," they would see that I had something more to offer them (including well-made, elegant custom pieces as well).
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