Here are some questions that people ask me sometimes:
Are you doing any more shows?
I don't have anything planned, but I'd like to do them again someday. My goal is to participate in a comic/small press show, as opposed to the traditional art shows I've done in the past. 
Can I order a custom wedding cake topper?
Sorry, I'm not taking custom orders at this time.
Where are these characters from?
All characters are my original designs.

What kind of clay do you use for sculpting?
Right now, all of my finished character sculptures are made from hand painted Super Sculpey, apoxie sculpt, and usually some sort of hidden armature inside to keep the extended limbs strong and non-floppy.

What is resin casting? Is it 3d printing?
Resin casting gave me the means to create perfect duplicates of my sculptures, right down to my little fingerprints. It's not 3d printing, because nothing is digital. It's all physically done, it is a handmade process, it's expensive, there's a ton of steps involved, it's not fast, it comes with a steep learning curve, and if you're like me, it will turn your workroom into a dusty, gloopy disaster area forever and ever. Sounds great, right? Actually, it's a really neat thing to learn, and I'm glad I did it. I "retired" from resin casting in 2016, but I swear I still find resin dust in my workroom.

Did you go to school to learn this?
No, I am mostly self-taught. I was preparing to major in *some type of art* but when I was 18-19 years old, I really didn't know what I path I should--or could--take. (Note: I didn't have access to digital art programs, though if I had, things may have been different). I spent nearly every free second between the ages of 12-18 in music programs, so I didn't have much of an art portfolio to show after graduating. I went to a state school and completed all of the "core" art classes hoping to find an art program that fit my interests.....but I didn't feel strongly about any art degrees available to me at that time. I ultimately decided to earn my BA in Spanish Education with a minor in Linguistics. I'm a big language and learning-junkie so I was happy with my choice. 
What is The Scholarly Banana?
Basically, it's a celebration of my FAVORITE nerdy things (storytelling, art, design, and education), all bundled up together in one wacky series of illustrated and annotated books. Oh, and it'll be narrated by a banana (hence the name). I can tell that you're excited about this (well, at least you're still reading), so if you'd like to follow along with my progress I'm @thescholarlybanana or @scholarlybanana on the social networks and my website will be 
Most likely The Scholarly Banana will debut around February or March 2018. Well, at least that's my goal. Fingers and banana peels crossed.
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