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Since I created The Republic of Cute to sell quirky character sculptures, I wrote all of my character descriptions, blog entires, and social media posts in a similarly light-hearted, humorous style to reinforce my brand. Writing well has always been important to me, and I love being creative with text just as much as with visuals.

Told in the style of a silent movie, "Tea for Three" is a short video I created that shows the disastrous consequences of inviting a couple of uncouth rascals to your tea party. I used this video to promote a sale of the "fancy" Pink Pet and Buck figurines, to briefly introduce myself as a relatable character in the ROC world, and to expand upon the story of Buck as being a Dorito® connoisseur. I shared this clip on my social media pages and in my online shop to connect with audiences in a new and entertaining way. (2016)
This was my first comic and first attempt at illustration. Pink Pet's character loves cheese, which is largely inspired by my Boston Terrier, Luna. Just like Luna, Pink Pet has the superpower to sense whenever a bag of cheese is being opened, and demands her share.
My character, Buck, is known for being a happy, simple creature with big dreams! He loves to fantasize about "gangsta life" but he doesn't actually know what that means, apart from wearing blingy jewelry and acting way cooler than he probably is. But thanks to Buck's active imagination, he always manages to "stay fly," even in challenging situations, like bath time. This comic panel was the introduction to my new line of "Thug Buck" figurines, which included a pink bandana, "B" necklace, and Buck's signature clueless attitude. (2015) 
I initially created this monster-like character with rainbow spikes and buck teeth, as a one-time sculpture. However, due to his popularity on social media, I introduced him as a regular character named "Chuck" in the comic series. Chuck is Buck's pet "kitten".....who is actually a chupacabra.  (2015)
Buck's pet "kitten" was named Chuck. Customers loved Chuck for his colorful design, ridiculous expression, and his endless potential for cat and/or chupacabra references. (2015)
I created a line of 14 limited-edition mini character figurines for the 2014 holiday season. I included an official "Character Card" with each sculpture. I displayed the card in person at holiday art shows and online. People connected with my written text as well as with the sculptures themselves, which turned out to be a great selling point, evidenced by a dramatic sales increase with the inclusion of the card. (2014)
Many of these characters names were puns related to the animals they resembled. 
This line of characters turned out to be particularly collectible, which was exciting for my regular customers and obviously, for me as well. I designed the sculptures to be tiny so that they would look "cuter," so people might want more than one, and to be marketed as an awesome "stocking stuffer."  Each piece was signed, numbered, and packaged in an ROC gift box, which reinforced its specialness, gift-ability, and collector-appeal. (2014)
At shows I discovered that people loved to hang around my booth and read every card! As a result, the ROC stand was constantly bustling with happy, laughing people, which attracted more happy people to me. The stories gave the customers and I something fun to talk about together. People loved to read the cards and then share their OWN "likes" and "dislikes," or playfully accuse their friends of "being" a particular character of the ROC. (2014)
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