BRANDING: Collaboration with Cleveland Magazine

In 2015, Cleveland Magazine asked me to help them promote and brand their 10 year anniversary "Best of Cleveland" issue and milestone party. I contributed character designs, illustrative graphics and sculptures which appeared on several billboards across all of their promotional materials, on the magazine cover, and throughout their "Best of Cleveland" event decorations. In addition to branding work, I designed, handmade and packaged 500 individual sculptures to be included in the VIP gift bags, with their proceeds donated to The Breakthrough Schools.

In spring 2015, Cleveland Magazine asked me to collaborate with them to brand their 10th Anniversary "Best of Cleveland" Issue and charity event (benefiting The Breakthrough Schools). The magazine's goal was to bring a unique, colorful, fun, and enthusiastic vibe to this milestone party, and they felt that my artistic style, humor, and character designs would help them achieve it. You can see my contributions in the mascot designs and illustrations (seen on all of the winner's signs and on the video graphics), the design of the cake, as well as in the main balloon graphic (seen on the VIP badges, backdrops, and overall branding for the event). 
This is the cover image of the October 2015 "Best of Cleveland" 10 year anniversary issue. They requested a main "pierogi guy" for the cover as well as my ROC characters, Pink Pet and Buck. I worked with the art director to design the custom "pierogi guy" especially for this image. I created a variety of Pink Pet and Buck sculptures with a few different looks so the photographer and design team would have several options to work with.
One of their early ideas was to brand each section of the magazine with a different themed "Pierogi Guy" (sports, art, shopping, food, hipster). This idea was later changed, but they used the main pierogi guy graphic (top) in their own magazine ads in several issues prior to the event.
From a very rough an extra large cake topper! While they did not initially request this graphic (to start, they had only asked me for Pink Pet and Buck in party hats), I took it upon myself to offer Cleveland Magazine a few extra "fun" images that would help sell the "PARTY" theme and add a little humor to their event. This cake image was used on sidewalk billboards, on their website, and for the event, they ordered a real cake to match it. The bakers were not able to create the topper themselves, so I was happy to make it using styrofoam and painted art board.
This is the sketch of the cover "pierogi guy" I designed and the various sculpting stages that were involved in its creation. Since this was custom artwork designed for a client, I kept in close communication with the art director at Cleveland Magazine and I initiated check-ins with her at key production points (so she could see and approve my sketch, original sculpture and finishing details). My years of experience executing complex custom orders allowed me to stay creative, yet mindful of the client's needs, helped me to stay organized and communicative, and ultimately ensured that the art director and I were both working towards the same goals and shared a similar artistic vision.
These are more "bonus" images that I took upon myself to create for Cleveland Magazine. Inspired by this project, I was happy to go the extra mile and was thrilled that they used my "BEST OF CLEVELAND" balloon graphic as well as the "BOC" painting graphic (as well as the B.O.C font style) as major components in their marketing campaigns and branding for the event.
This is the cover sculpture, which I photographed in my backyard before delivering it to them! I created it using hand cast resin, acrylic paint, pastels, some stickers, and a metal rod!
I designed and created 500 handmade pierogi sculptures to include in the VIP gift bags for the "Best of Cleveland" event (the proceeds from ticket sales benefitted The Breakthrough Schools). This task was immense for one person and it took me several months of dedicated production. My process included hand sculpting the original, then molding, resin casting, masking, airbrushing, unmasking, hand painting, and packing each of the 500 sculptures by hand.
Cleveland Magazine promoted their "Best of Cleveland" party on 2 billboards on I-480. This was the graphic they used and includes my contribution of the base balloon design and the character graphics.
I was interviewed on the "Jen and Tim "radio show on Star 102 and spoke about The Republic of Cute, my characters, and the Best of Cleveland Party.
All of the winner's signs included my graphic of Pink Pet and Buck,the mascots of the party.
Cleveland Magazine also promoted the "Best of Cleveland" party outside of Horseshoe casino. It was a video billboard with animation. This photo was taken by another Instagrammer, but I love sharing it because he captured the moment when Pink Pet and Lebron had matching poses!
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