1.) Hello! My name is Karly. I'm from the Cleveland area (well, Lagrange Township, to be specific, but when I say that, people usually look at me like I'm from the moon). I love bookstores and dislike buying shoes. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, but I'm not very adventurous with it. Sometimes I pose awkwardly in photos.
2.) When I was about 10 years old, I was editor-in-cheif, art director, and sole columnist of a newsletter called "The Groove,” which composed of tabloid-style articles about middle school drama. I included an "Ask Karly" column as well as "Classified" ads to give my publication an aire of authenticity. Did I mention that I did this for fun? 
2.5) I was not in the "popular" group in school. That may come as a shock to you, having just seen that newsletter I made.

CHALLENGE: Can you find "The Karly?"

3.) Between the ages of 10-18, I dedicated myself to being the most enthusiastic band nerd I could possibly be. This desire must have screwed with my 6th grade fashion sense because a staple of my wardrobe was an oversized blue sweater with a giant saxophone embroidered across the front. I wore it on school picture day, probably so I could horrify myself 20+ years later and willingly embarrass myself in front of you.
Come high school, I had long banished the blue sax sweater (arguably a good move for my social life) but I was still spent every ounce of my free time in the practice room! Eventually, my classmates voted me as the "Most Musical" girl of my graduating class. But sometimes I wondered if any of them had remembered that sweater.....cuz I prayed that they didn't!
In college I joined the marching and basketball bands at The University of Toledo as well as a co-ed music fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. 
These days, I don't play a lot anymore, but I think about it all the time. And that sweater....yeah, I think about that sometimes, too.
4.) In my junior year of high school, I was the token female member of "The Underscores," a hilariously awful 10-piece Ska band organized by some dudes in my Spanish class. Our singer was tone deaf and our trombonist hadn't played since 5th grade band. Roughly 4/10 members actually knew how to play our instruments, so consider that ratio when imagining how we sounded. The "star" of The Underscores was our “crowd riler-upper,” whose job was to leap around the stage like a crazed beast. 
Despite our phenomenal lack of musicianship, we won a round of Peabody's "High School Battle of the Bands." (in the 1990's, Peabody's was a popular music club/bar in downtown Cleveland).  We knew the judging was based on crowd response, so we convinced our high school classmates to come cheer for us…with AIRHORNS. Lesson: enthusiasm, a crowd riler-upper and an airhorn are the keys to success.
5.) I'm a lefty for writing, but I'm awkwardly ambidextrous with most everything else. Note: my handwriting is forever doomed, regardless.
6.) Speaking of handwriting, my 3rd grade teacher made me stay in for recess almost every day of to practice my penmanship. Then when I was 18, someone told me that my handwriting looked like it had been scrawled by a "fat man." I don't know what that means exactly, but I think the person was probably being kind to me. I blame 3rd grade and the cruelty of recess-deprivation. 

This is in San Sebastian, Spain. I'm the chica in the middle.

7.) I took some classes in Madrid for a summer and went to The Running of the Bulls. I didn't run.

I re-discovered that I had an interest in sculpture while I was working at the bakery. I loved making sculpted cakes and doing fondant work, but didn't get to do it a lot. So started sculpting in my free time with polymer clay just for fun. (2010). 

8.) I used to work at a bakery as their lead cake decorator, bakery blogger, graphic designer, and cookie dough eater (2007-2012). I worked at a gym prior to that, so I'd like to think that makes me well rounded (unfortunately, calorie burns don't carry over). Before that, I worked a temp job at a popcorn factory where I was hired to put stickers on boxes and roll coins all day. Yes, it was as prestigious as it sounds.
9.) I like animals. I am owned by a Boston Terrier named Luna and a Pit Bull mix named Stella. There are two resident snapping turtles who live in our little front pond, and they are the BEST. Yeah, I'm aware that they are surly beasts and would kill and/or maim me if they could, but I love that they live in my yard and I will forever live under the delusion that we're BFFs. We also used to have 3 outdoor cats that we called “Stephen Furry,” “Kevin Furant,” and “Lebron Mange.” (my husband Ben and I are NBA fans).
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