1.) I grew up in Rocky River, Ohio and now live about 45 minutes southwest of Cleveland. It's a semi rural area....the music of roosters and gunshots are part of the regular soundtrack here.
2.) During my middle school years (early 90’s), I loved to play with the new publishing software which came with my family's PC. This inspired me to create a newsletter called "The Groove.” I wrote tabloid-style articles, and included an "Ask Karly" column as well as a "Classified" section to give my publication a dash of authenticity. This was not a school assignment. This is the stuff I did for fun.

3.) Growing up, my goal was to be the ultimate music nerd. This desire must have screwed with my 6th grade fashion sense because a staple of my wardrobe was a horrific oversized blue sweater with a giant saxophone embroidered across the front. 
Come high school, I had officially banished the ugly blue sax sweater (arguably a good move for my social life) but I continued to play in the concert band, jazz band, pep band, marching band, competed at solo contests, spent 2 summers living in a military barracks as part of the All Ohio State Fair Band, performed at Severance Hall with the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony, won a national jazz award and was voted the "Most Musical" girl of my graduating class. In college I joined the marching and basketball bands at The University of Toledo as well as the co-ed music fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi.
4.) During my junior year of high school, I was recruited to be the token female member of "The Underscores," a hilariously awful 10-piece Ska band organized by some guys in my Spanish class. Our singer was likely tone deaf and our trombonist hadn't played since 5th grade band. If I remember correctly, 4/10 of us actually knew how to play our instruments, so that ratio should give you an idea of how we sounded. The "star" of The Underscores was probably our “crowd riler-upper,” whose job was to leap around the stage like a crazed beast. 
Despite our phenomenal lack of musicianship, we managed to win a round of Peabody's "Battle of the Bands!" We knew the judging was based on crowd response, so we convinced our classmates to come cheer for us….and most importantly, to bring airhorns. Lesson: enthusiasm, a crowd riler-upper and an airhorn are keys to success.
5.) I'm relatively ambidextrous. The good part: I have a "reserve" hand if needed. The strange part: when I learn a new sport or skill, I have to actively “decide” whether I’ll be right or left-handed.
6.) I have a BA in Spanish Education from Cleveland State University (2005). I took classes in Madrid for a summer session and went to The Running of the Bulls. In case you're wondering, I did not run...that's incredibly LOCO.
7.) There are two snapping turtles that live in our pond! I love them so much, but the feeling is probably not mutual. I'm sure they would bite me if they had the chance.
8.) I used to work at a bakery as a cake decorator (2007-2012). I worked at a gym prior to that, so I'd like to think that makes me well rounded.
9.) I am owned by a Boston Terrier named Luna and a Pit Bull mix named Stella. Outside, we share our yard with two resident snapping turtles, lots of fish, frogs, an occasional heron visitor, and lots and lots of deer. We also used to host 3 outdoor cats that we called “Stephen Furry,” “Kevin Furant,” and “Lebron Mange.” (we are NBA fans).
10.) My husband Ben and I appeared on an episode of Toronto’s “Cash Cab” (2009). We were on vacation and walking around downtown when a camera crew approached us and asked if we would be “shout outs” on the show. Our task was to help the contestants answer a trivia question about Canadian history. Of course, being the  ignorant tourists that we were, Ben and I proved ourselves to be absolutely unhelpful. I think one of the contestants was able to guess correctly in spite of us, so it all worked out!
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