Needle Felted French Bulldog

Hmm….I realize that my past few posts have all been wool-related. This isn’t intentional and I do still have a life outside of wool. One of these days I’ll post something that isn’t needle-felted, but that day is not today. I swear I haven’t quit clay and I’ve been making other things too, despite what this blog is probably suggesting. I guess this is a testimony to how much fun needle felting can be!

My latest felting adventure: a little needle felted French Bulldog…..with a needle felted donut! 
I actually wanted to make a Boston Terrier but I didn’t have enough colored wool to do it (or maybe this is an albino BT?) Because I’m still working from my first wool order I only have a tiny bit of black wool, a tiny bit of pink, and a whole lot of core batting to play with. Now that I know I like this stuff, next time I’ll treat myself to more colors. But out of principle I’ll use up what I have first. So my felted friends will continue to look pale for a little while longer.
After a few weeks of practicing, I must be getting a little better at this….
This pooch was “born” with 2 night’s work and only ONE stabbing incident!!!! 
Yay for keeping my hands out of the way!! 
That’s a record that my fingers are very proud of.

6.5 inches long
3.5 inches wide
7.5 inches tall
I was tempted to give him an angry face, but since my last project also had an attitude problem (the angry sheep) I decided not to piss this one off. I’ll save up the angst for the next one.

Terrier loves you!

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