Pink Pet leggings: dreams do come true.



I just opened a new shop! For the first time ever, The Republic of Cute will be available as:

Tee shirts, tanks & hoodies

Tote bags



Art prints

Phone & tablet cases

You may notice that Society 6 offers some other interesting categories as well, such as shower curtains, wall tapestries, rugs, and leggings.

Imagine. The Republic of Cute. LEGGINGS.

I am not sure that we need images of Pink Pet and Buck plastered on the butts of the world, but hey–I DO have this option, if anyone wants such a thing in their life.

Warning: wearing Pink Pet leggings may cause blindness and could possibly trigger the apocalypse.

But it sure would be funny……

(Pink Pet leggings possibly coming soon)

Cleveland Magazine Presents…..BEST OF CLEVELAND PARY!



Pink Pet and Buck are practicing their BEST dance moves for the 2015 Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland Party!!! The BOC party is an extravaganza of fun, food, and all things BEST in Cleveland (including special appearances by “The Pinkest of all Pets,” Pink Pet and his best pal, Buck!) Tickets go on sale September 1st. Be on the lookout for special promotions with The Republic of Cute!!

You can find more information about Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland Party HERE!


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Schedule update:

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to this Saturday’s Flea. If you’re there (which you should be, because it is fun!), think CUTE thoughts and I’ll be with you in spirit. I should be back “for real” in September.

Lakeview Loveliness

Lakeview Cemetery is hands-down one of my favorite places in Cleveland. In fact, I love it so much that I decided to spend my birthday just walking around and enjoying its awesomeness! You may think it strange that a non-goth/non-vampire type would want to spend their birthday at a cemetery, but if you’ve ever been to Lakeview, you probably won’t question it. It’s incredibly beautiful. I didn’t take too many photos this time (I was too busy just enjoying it!) but I did take some obligatory shots of Pink Pet and Buck. I couldn’t resist.

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Please pack your knives and go

Here is some never-before-seen footage from that one time Buck auditioned for “Top Chef.”
Some dishes are no longer socially acceptable, Buck.

ALTRUISTIC (or the intention of being so)

ALTRUISM: Showing concern for others, unselfish

Buck is an ALTRUISTIC creature. He is generous, thoughtful and always keeps our needs in mind. For example…
After scarfing an entire bag of Doritos, he carefully saves some dust and a few delicious crumbs before quietly returning the bag to the cupboard.
And he NEVER uses the last of the toilet paper. He does his business and generously leaves a scrap for the next visitor.
Though he means to be kind, Buck’s particular style of ALTRUISM is not always appreciated. Especially in the case of the toilet paper.