Please pack your knives and go

Here is some never-before-seen footage from that one time Buck auditioned for “Top Chef.”
Some dishes are no longer socially acceptable, Buck.

ALTRUISTIC (or the intention of being so)

ALTRUISM: Showing concern for others, unselfish

Buck is an ALTRUISTIC creature. He is generous, thoughtful and always keeps our needs in mind. For example…
After scarfing an entire bag of Doritos, he carefully saves some dust and a few delicious crumbs before quietly returning the bag to the cupboard.
And he NEVER uses the last of the toilet paper. He does his business and generously leaves a scrap for the next visitor.
Though he means to be kind, Buck’s particular style of ALTRUISM is not always appreciated. Especially in the case of the toilet paper.

Flawless Victory.

Mortal Kombat X.
It has begun.

Pink Pet and Buck go Cruising!

Complimentary hotel breakfast = opportunity to swim in a Fruit Loop pool!
Ahoy, mateys!

Sand-tastic time in Curacao!
The obligatory: “I’m on the beach and you’re not” shot.
It doesn’t translate as well with Pink Pet’s stumps.

The Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, this shore is pretty much all we got to see—not counting a shack, a baseball field, lots of barbed wire, a factory spewing out black smoke, armed guards sitting on folding chairs, a gift shop, a fancy rock, and a loud rooster. But I don’t think that counts. We would have ventured out into the city, but everyone told us not to take a taxi anywhere because it wasn’t safe. So we didn’t. I got this nice photo, though. 

Yo ho ho.

It was a miracle I didn’t lose Pink Pet from taking all of these rail shots.

Always looked forward to the nightly TOWEL ANIMALS!! 
My towels seem so dull now by comparison.

More Curacao!
We snorkeled. And inadvertently consumed a lot of sea water doing so.
A sea creature bit me on the elbow. Perhaps I offended it.
This could also be their “Lord of the Flies” cover picture. 
Just kidding!
Please don’t tell Pink Pet and Buck what that means….. 
As far as I’m aware, they think that book is about bugs and stuff.
Across from the downtown area of Curacao. The area they are standing on looks like sand, but it’s actually a high concrete barrier on the side of the water. In case you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t.
Of course I had to stop at the CHEESERY!!!!
And here too! Curacao is a good place for Pink Pets, apparently.

Glistening in the Aruba sun. You would think their shiny-shine was from sweat, but it’s just clear coat. :)

Aruba: Land of Lizards. 
Buck was supposed to be in this photo, but as soon as he saw the iguanas, he squealed “DRAGON!” and scurried off. Ironically, he later insisted that I buy him one of the 2 million stuffed animal iguanas that we saw in the 30 bajillion gift shops that we passed by.

This is a cluster of Aruba shops filled with TONS of jewelry, iguana stuffed animals, various cheap souveniers with the word “DUSHI” embroidered on them, and teeny tiny 7 oz beer bottles that will make an average man look like a giant if he drinks them.
 (Buck is still hiding from the “dragons”)

Our view from da ship. 
I’m proud of myself. 
Only ONCE did I get up to check the window for signs of impending doom/sinkage.
(we went through some rough waters on Friday night!!)

Pink Pet’s romance with a street lizard in Florida. It would be quite obvious to any passers by that we were NOT from the area, as we squealed and chased the lizards around like fools. Of course, Buck made himself scarce.
We broke up the long trip home with a stay in Daytona. 
We got there and learned that they’ve had college spring break going on the past 2 weeks.
And high school spring break was happening while we were there.
I am EXTRA glad to be home now!
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Caribbean Pet

Caribbean bound! 
We’re not actually going to Jamaica, but I figured it was close enough (and would Pink Pet even know the difference?? Probably not. I’m not sure he knows very much). 
Plus, I kind of like Dancehall music, so I wanted an excuse to reference it somehow.

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Get your WORD on with Pink Pet!

Cheese: it’s not just Pink Pet’s favorite treat, it is a panacea that cures all of Pink Pet’s ailments! It alleviates occasional paw pain, polishes his dry nose, brightens his pink when it is dull, wakes him up when he is sleepy, puts him to sleep when he is “wakey,” and moisturizes his flaps!!! Cheese does it all and more.
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Cakezilla doth approaches

Almost there. Finishing up his accessories and prepping for photos. Here is what is going to be unleashed: 
Traditional white-on-white color scheme
White swag decorations
White borders 
Smooth icing base (white or in your choice of colors)
Option for dot decorations (your choice of colors)
White borders
PRICE: $40-$65
Accessories sold separately
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My shop will be closed from:

You can still place orders online, but to guarantee that your order is completed and shipped to you before my shop closes, please purchase your items by:


Otherwise, wedding cake toppers and made-to-order pieces (the ones that have a 2 week production time attached to them) will likely ship at the end of April, so please plan accordingly.

In the meantime if you have questions about shipping times please send me a message!

Thank you!